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Hey, here your socially committed graphic designer on the Budapest/Berlin/New York axis!!!


   Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Socially sensible design

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P  E  O  P  L  E

  I am graphic designer and sinologist by degree, fully professional on/offline freelance designer by career and a creative silent activist by passion.   I was born in Budapest/Hungary, spent several years abroad among others in China, Japan and the US. Recently I live and work in Berlin/Germany and became active in social fields not merely as a graphic designer. With my socially motivated design toolkit hope to support underserved communities, social organisations, as well as local and global humanitarian projects -- and hopefully YOU! // Dorka Krasznahorkai

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here my latest posts on my newest projects in Budapest // Berlin // New York

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new york visual diary

Here I collected the sometime stunning and shocking, sometime boringly ordinary impressions this amazing and frightening city left behind. This visual diary shows how I worked up to be the part of New York City for a while. I was eager to learn about the social issues that the local residents face, and to gain experience that I could take back with me. Also the diverse volunteer projects with New York Cares and Oxfam America Action Corps NYC took me to neighborhoods and communities which formed these thought imprints ::

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