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December, 2021

Herscht 07769 on ORF Bestenliste :: Vienna, Austria :: The German edition of HERSCHT 07769 has been selected for 'book of the month' by the ORF Bestenliste in December

Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming in Rumanian :: Bucarest, Rumania :: The second book in Rumanian, translated by Ildikó Gábos-Foarțai, has been published by Pandora M

March 4, 2022

Book presentation event of the Europe Anthology Grasset :: Paris, France:: Krasznahorkai is invited with a text to this unique anthology, which will be published by Éditions Grasset on the occasion of French Presidency of the EU

Spring, 2022

Leipzig - March 27, 2022.
Erfurt - March 29, 2022
Vienna - March 31, 2022

New event dates in Berlin, Graz, München and Dresden will be announced soon

October 29, 2022

Reading and conversation at the Deutsche Sebald Gesellschaft :: Allgäu, Germany :: Krasznahorkai is invited with Hersch 07769 to take a part ant their annual conference next year.





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