Born January 5, 1954, in Gyula (Hungary)


The Babeș-Bolyai University laureates Krasznahorkai with Doctor Honoris Causa, Kolozsvár/Cluj
The Greek edition of Seiobo There Below published, Athens
Reading and Conversation at the International Thessaloniki Book Fair, Thessaloniki
Reading and Conversation, Athens
Seiobo There Below published in Korean, Seoul
Seiobo There Below published in Norway, Oslo
The World Goes On published in Turkish, Istambul
Chasing Homer published in Croatian, Zagreb
Reading and Conversation at FESS, Zagreb
Reading and Conversation the Krokodil literary festival, Belgrade
Seiobo There Below published in Norway, Oslo
Satantango published in Danish, Frederiksberg
Honred guest at the 10th Louisiana Festival, Humlebæk
North european reading tour: Humlebæk, Oslo, Malmö
Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming published in English, New York
Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming shortlisted for the National Book Award 2019
Chasing Homer published in Hungarian, Budapest
Baron Wenckeim’s Homecoming published in Holland, Amsterdam
Book launch of the Holland edition of Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming, The Hague
Event at the Passa Porta, Brussels
Book launch of the Italian edition of Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming, Milano
Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming published in England, London 
Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming awarded the National Book Awards for Translated Literature 2019, New York
The Melancholy of Resistance published in Russian, Moskow


Satantango published in Korean, Seoul
The Holland edition of Satantango published, Amsterdam
Satantango published in Greek, Athens
The Last Wolf paperback edition published in English, London
The reworked Italian edition of The Melancholy of Resistance published by Bompiani, Milano
The World Goes On is on the longlist of The Man Booker International Prize 2018 
The Manhattan Project published in Hungarian, Budapest
The Last Wolf published in Lithuanian, Tallinn
Seiobo There Below published in French, Paris
French reading tour with Seiobo There Below: Bordeaux, Toulouse, Tours, Paris
Shortlisted again for The Man Booker International Prize 2018 with The World Goes On, London
Participation nn The Man Booker International Prize 2018 awards ceremony, London
The Hungarian edition of The Manhattan Project presented at the Margó Festival; directed by Gábor Máté, Budapest
Adam Thirwell’s interview published in The Paris Review, New York
Spadework for a Palace published in Hungarian, Budapest
Book launch of the Hungarian edition of Spadework for a Palace with Péter Haumann and Gábor Szabó, Budapest
Baron Wenckeim’s Homecoming published in German, Frankfurt
Book launch of the German edition of Baron Wenckeim’s Homecominginternational literary festival, Berlin
German reading tour with Baron Wenckeim’s Homecoming: Frankfurt am Main, Potsdam
Reading and Conversation in Residencia de Estudiante, Madrid
The German Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming selected for Book of the Month's, Darmstadt


War and War published in Vietnamese, Hanoi
The Melacholy of Resistance published in Hebrew, Tel Aviv
The UK edition of The Last Wolf & Herman published
Seiobo There Below published in Croatian (Zagreb) and Macedonian (Skopje)
The Melacholy of Resistance published in Greek
The Homecoming of Baron Wenckheim won the Aegon Prize, Budapest
First version of the novela Chasing Homer is ready
Shootings for the documentary film of Adam Breier continues, Berlin/Budapest
Reading of Chasing Homer in studio of Max Neumann, Berlin
First interview with Adam Thirwell for the Paris Review, Berlin
„Bach and Impossible” - theatre project based on The Homecoming of Baron Wenckheim at MÜPA, Budapest
„On Satantango” - Reading & Conversation at Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
The World Goes On listed for the Best Translated Book Award 2017
Italian Santantango shortlisted for the Premio Strega Europe (Rom) and the Gregor von Rezzori Prize (Florence)
Sasaki Mitsuo’s visit in Hungary
Reading & Conversation at Grand Café, Szeged
Meeting with William Basinski, Berlin
The Melacholy of Resistance in Holland shortlisted for the Europese Literatuurprijs 2017, Amsterdam
„Author of the Month” by London Review Bookshop, London
The Manhattan Project published in English first, London
The World Goes On in Publishers Weekly, New York
Reading & Conversation at Ördögkatlan Festival
Reading & Conversation at the Arcus Temporum Art Festival, Pannonhalma
Reading & Conversation in the JAK Camp, Szigliget
Book launch of The Manhattan Project at the internationales literaturfestival berlin and at the Gallery Hoffmann, Berlin
Event at the „Day of Hungarian Publishers”,  Szeged
Reading & Conversation at the Margó Festival, Budapest
Second interview with Adam Thirwell for the Paris Review, Berlin
The World Goes On published in Croatian, Zagreb
Satantango published in Arabic, Kairo/Beirut/Tunis
The World Goes On published in English, New York/London
Blurb for the collected works by Varlam Shalamov for the New York Review of Books, New York


The Cullman Fellowship continues at the New York Public Library, New York
Destruction and Sorrow published in English
Reading & conversation at Brown University, Providence, RI
Contribution for the exhibition  “In Search of Prince Genji - Japan in Words and Images”, Budapest
Second shooting for the photo-diary on Krasznahorkai by Ornan Rotem, New York
War and War and The Melancholy of Resistance published in the UK, London
Reading at the New Direction’s 80th Birthday Party, New York
The Cullman Fellowship terminates in May, New York
Satantango published in Serbian, Belgrad
The Melancholy of Resistance published in Macedonian (Skopje) and in French paperback (Paris)
First shootings for the documentary film of Adam Breier, Budapest
The Homecoming of Baron Wenckheim published in Hungarian, Budapest
„Dark Bookshow” at Pesti Theater, Budapest
The Last Wolf & Herman published in English, New York
On reading tour with The Homecoming of Baron Wenckheim in Hungary
Residence at the Croatian island Korčula - literary project with the Multimedijalni institut – MaMa
Reading & conversation at the Literarischer Salon International, Köln


Die Welt voran published in German
Phone call from the New York Public Library - Krasznahorkai received the Cullman Fellowship for 2015/2016
Shortlisted for The Man Booker International Prize 2015
Reading & Conversation at Passa Porta Festival, Brussels
Seiobo There Below published in Spanish
War and War published in Greek
Reading and conversation with Israel’s embassador, Ilan Mor, at the Embassador’s Residency, Budapest
Meeting with Robert Wilson in Budapest
Reading & Conversation with András Kepes in Pest County Library, Szentendre
Relation of Grace published in French
Guardian interview
Permanent work on the manuscript of Baron Wenckheim's Homegoing
Interview in Népszabadsag
Taking part in the Guardian Live with the finalists of The Man Booker International Prize 2015
Lunch with the French embassador of France at the Embassador’s Residency, London
Krasznahorkai awarded with The Man Booker International Prize 2015, London
Interviews in Guardian, BBC etc.
Hay Festival celebrates The Man Booker International Prize 2015 winner, Hay-on-Wye, Wales
Interview with Sándor Friderikusz in ATV Chanel, Budapest
Krasznahorkai's preface on Wolfgang Hilbig to The Sleep of the Righteous
Last Spycher Prize-residency in Swiss, Leuk
Meeting Péter Eötvös about the oper from Krasznahorkai's The Last Wolf
Satantango published in Swedish
Krasznahorkai works in The New York Public Library as Cullman Fellow
Reading and conversation at the Brooklyn Book Festival, New York
Work for The Manhattan Project and for the Spadework for a Palace in New York, Nantucket and New Bedford
Last long chat with Péter Esterházy
Visit at the Bartók-house in the Bronx
Taking part at the birthday party of Henry Grimes, New York
First meeting with Alexandra Wagner, Mrs. Woods
Meeting Eli Keszler about a great common literary-music project
Meeting Diane Lewis about Lebbeus Woods in Gramercy Park, New York
Reading & conversation with Salman Rushdie at Y92, New York


Initial event of the program series LK 6.0 - on the occasion of Krasznahorkai’s 60th birthday - with the contribution of Gábor Gadó and Barnabás Dukay; Rózsavölgyi Szalon,  Budapest
Presentation of the new edition of War and War – 2nd event of LK 6.0; Írók Boltja, Budapest
Constituent sitting of the K-Archivum (Comprehensive literary archive of all the materials on and from Krasznahorkai), Budapest
Krasznahorkai is Looking for His Place - 3rd event of LK 6.0; Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
Lecture at MOME - Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
Dot-hunting at ELTE University - 4th event of LK 6.0, Budapest
Event at Ferenc Molnár Literary Salon, Eger
The Bill, book presentation performance in the renaissance collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest - 5th event of LK 6.0
Krasznahorkai’s World - 6th event of LK 6.0, directed by András Jeles; Rózsavölgyi Szalon, Budapest
War and War published in Croatian and Turkish
Visiting professorship at Columbia University, New York
Reading and conversation at Columbia University, New York
Seiobo There Below won the Best Translated Book Award 2014 for Fiction
Reading and conversation at Brown University with Forrest Gander, Providence
Trip to Arrowhead, Massachusetts
Reading and conversation at PEN World Voices Festival, New York
Reading at European Voices in Translation Festival, Boston
Event in JAK-Camp, Kisoroszi
Transport to the K-Archivum, Budapest
Winning of America Award in Literature 2014
Vilenica Prize awarding ceremony, Vilenica
Events on 29th Vilenica International Literary Festival; Trieste, Lokev, Ljubjana
The Melancholy of Resistance published in Swedish
Spycher Prize residency in Swiss - Leuk
Closure event of LK 6.0 with Joachim Sartorius, Max Neumann, Thuon Burtevitz, Ulrich Schreiber and Verena Aufermann at Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin
Reading and conversation in Timisoara
Reading in ZKM Theatre and public conversation at Literary Club Booksa, Zagreb
The Melancholy of Resistance published in Croatian
Working up process starts in K-Archivum
The Topic is Infinit - conversation with Peter Szendy at Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest


Trip to Roma - Villa Borghese, Fra Angelico
Visiting Vienna - Leopold Museum, Japan Exhibiton
Destruction and Sorrow Under the Heaven, working for a revised edition
World Goes on, corrections for the Hungarian edition
Invitation to Almost Island Dialogues, Delhi
Reading at the Embassy of Israel Budapest with Ambassador Ilan Mor
Reading, Dresden
Join the Literary Agency RCW, London
World Goes on, published by Magvető Kiadó
Lecture at the highschool Deutsche Schule, Budapest
Book-presentations in Budapest (with Sári Gerlóczy), Pécs, Veszprém, Tatabánya, Szeged, Miskolc
Destruction and Sorrow Under the Heaven, revised manuscript for the Seagull Press, Bombay
Best Translated Book Award 2013 (US) for the novel Satantango, New York
Babits Mihály-Prize, celebration at the Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
Interview on András Jeles, Budapest
Reading-theatre with Enikő Eszenyi, Ildikó Bánsági, János Bán, Tamás Fodor; Gyula
Spycher Prize residency in Swiss - Leuk, Bern, Basel
Seiobo There Below published in the US by The New Directions, trans. Mrs. Ottilie Mulzet, New York
Isaias Has Come in French by Ed. Cambourakis, trans. Mde Joelle Dufeuilly, Paris
Attendance at Festivalletteratura 2013 - readings, interviews; Mantova
Trip to Florence - S. Marco, Fra Angelico
Guerre et Guerre, published by Ed. Cambourakis, trans. Mde Joelle Dufeuilly, Paris
Readings and conversations in Belgrad Bookfestival with the Serbian edition of novel Melancholy of Resistance
El último lobo published in Croatia
Essay for the New York Times
The Bill, published by Sylph Editions - The Art Monographs, London
Conversation with Mrs. Jutta Hausmann at the Literary Museum Petőfi, Budapest
Journey in India - Delhi, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


French premiére of the play The Well-Tempered Clavier by David Marton based on the piece of J.S.Bach and the novel Melancholy of Resistance at MC93 Bobigny, Paris
German premiére of the play The Well-Tempered Clavier by David Marton at Schaubühne, Berlin
Reading and Conversation at the József Attila High School
Satantango published in the USA
Satantango published in the U.K.
Satantango published in Holland
Conversation and Reading in Nagyvárad, Rumania
Seiobo There Below published in paperback in Germany
Telephone-interview in Klubrádió on the book There Is No Question, There Is No Answer
Interview in Haaretz
Interview in The Million
Journey in Israel
Opening speach at the 3rd International Writers Festival, Jerusalem
Journey to the USA
Article published in The Guardian on the readings in New York
Interviews in Weekly Word Economic (HVG)
Spycher Prize residency, Leuk, Swiss
Reading at the Edinburgh Book Festival-Aberfeldy, U.K.
Reworking Destruction and Sorrow Under the Heaven for Seagull Press, Bombay
Nominated for the Angelus-Award in Polen with War and War
Satantango published in Rumania
Essay for The New York Times
Conversation at the Zrínyi Miklós High School, Budapest
Event with Colm Tóibín in London Review Bookstore, London
Prima Primissima Prize awarding ceremony, Budapest
Writer’s Cinema Event (Írómozi) with Tibor Keresztury (Litera), Budapest


Film-interview about Miklós Mészöly
Working on the book The World Goes on
Reading in Veszprém, Hungary
Conversation with János Szegő and Heike Flemming about Seiobo in Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
Interview in Origo, Budapest
Barbara Epler’s visiting in Hungary
Reading tour in France - Bordeaux, Strassbourg, Tours, Paris
Prix-Lille, France
War and War published in Polen
Factor Theseus published in France
Melancholy of Resistance published in paperback in Germany
War and War published in Israel
interviewed by Sharmishta Mohanty for the Almost Island, Bombay
There Is No Question, There Is No Answer published in Hungarian
Article by James Wood in the New Yorker
Conversation among friends in Pápa, Hungary
Spycher-Prize-residency, Leuk, Swiss
Reading at the Edinburgh Festival
Opening of the Bizottság-Exhibition with Ottó Tolnai at Műcsarnok, Budapest
Journey to Istanbul
Translated text for the Adam Thirwell Project
Interview in the Haaretz, Tel Aviv
Conversation at Corvinus University of Budapest
Conversation in Szeged at the Austrian-Hungarian Literary Conference
Save the Library: conversation with György Cserhalmi, László Szörényi at the Public Library of Szentendre
Meeting with Mama from Beijing in Budapest


Works with Max Neumann and Ornan Rotem for AnimalInside
Invitation by Stanford University
Invitation by PEN Word Voices Festival, New York /together with Patti Smith, Salman Rushdi etc./
Seiobo starts to the 2. place of the Bestenliste in Germany
Brücke-Berlin Prize, Berlin
Spycher-Prize, Leuk, Swiss
Readings in Zagreb, Fiume, Berlin, Leukerbad, Erlangen, Elmau, Zürich, Paris, Darmstadt, München, Budapest, Krakow and different cities in Romania
Inaugural address at the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Art, Budapest
Invitation by Almost Island Project, New-Delhi
Journey to Ukraina
Works for the book There Is No Question, There Is No Answer
Works for the book  the world goes on


Prize of the Society of Writers, Budapest
Lecture in San Sebastian, Spain with Antonio Tabucchi, Jiri Dienstbier, Adan Michnik, Norman Manea
Readings in Pécs, Szeged, Hungary
Book-presentations of the Last Wolf in Badajoz and Madrid, Spain
Journey to Portugal
Journey to China
Ordinary Member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and the Arts, Budapest


Invitation by Fundacion Ortega Munoz, Badajoz, Spain
S.Fischer Guestprofessor, Free University Berlin
Readings in Berlin, Frankfurt, Bonn
Readings in Leukerbad Literary Festival, Swiss
International Literary Festival, curator, Berlin /Guest: Ion Grigorescu, Bucharest, Mihály Víg, Budapest/
Reading in Prag
„Háborús architektúra” /AudioCD/ together with Barnabás Dukay and Gábor Gadó, BMC, Budapest + Reading in Budapest
Hungarian Heritage-Award, Budapest


"International Literary Festival, curator (Guests: Szilárd Borbély, Ungarn, Ion Grigorescu, Bucharest, Cosmin Manolache, Bucharest), Berlin
"Ehrengast Ungarn" in Frankfurt Bookfair
Readings in Beijing, China
Nominated for the Prize "Jean Monnet" in France
Invitation by Cornell University, Ithaka, NY, USA


Theater Brett, Reading, Wien
Participating in the celebration for "25 Years of Ammann Publ. House", Zürich
International Literary Festival, curator (Guests: Ted Milton, London and Hiroshi Sakagami, Tokyo), Berlin
Prize "The book of the month" for the novel in German "Északról hegy, Délről tó, Nyugatról utak, keletről folyó", Darmstadt


"Poverty in East-European Culture" in CEU, Budapest with Ion Grigorescu, Bukarest, George Szirtes, London, Lajos Bokros, Budapest, Béla Tarr, Budapest, Bea Oborny, Budapest
Conversations in Somogy County "About the hope" (Somogyfajsz, Babócsa, Somogyaracs etc)
Readings in London and Norwich with George Szirtes
A new japanese invitation by Japan Foundation in Kyoto
Literary Talk in Programm "Freiburger Literaturgesprach"
Book-premiere with Adan Kovacic translator in Barcelona, "Északról hegy, Délről tó, Nyugatról utak, Keletről folyó" (novel) published in Spanish


A new invitation by Japan Foundation to Kyoto in 2005
Invitation by Brown University, RI, in 2005
Abridged version of Rombolás és bánat az Ég alatt (novel) in German for a conference in Geneva
Member of Digital Literary Academy
Kossuth Prize


Prize of the Soros Foundation
Trips to Finland, France (Cognac Literary Festival), Spain (Madrid Literary Festival)


Travels in China
Prize: Magyar Köztársaság Babérkoszorúja (Laureate of the Hungarian Republic)


Fellowship, a year in Swiss


Japanese fellowship in Kyoto
First meeting with Inoue Kazuyuki


Travels in China
Guest of Civitella Ranieri Center, Umbria, Italy
Márai Sándor Prize


Travels in Japan


Guest of Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin
In Bosnia


York, Copenhagen, Helsingör, Cologne, London, Crete Venice, Rome etc.)


Krúdy Gyula Prize
Bestenliste-Prize (Baden-Baden): Az ellenállás melankóliája the best novel abroad
Reading in Berlin, Budapest, Solothurn, Lana, Freiburg am Breisgau


Journey on a cargo boat on the Atlantic; stay on Madeira
Guest of Villa Waldberta, Lake Starnberg, München
Déry Tibor Award


Travels in Mongolia and China


Guest of Literarisches Colocquium in Berlin


DAAD Fellowship, West Berlin


József Attila Prize
Prize of Mikes Kelemen Kör in the Netherlands


Art Fund prize for best first volume author


First collaboration with Bela Tarr


Móricz Zsigmond Fellowship


ELTE Faculty of Arts, majoring in Hungarian language and literature (Degree thesis on Márai Sándor in exile)


Documentalist at publishing house "Gondolat"


first publication (Tebenned hittem, a short story in journal "Mozgó Világ", 1977/6.)


ELTE Law Faculty, Budapest


JATE Law Faculty, Szeged


Erkel Ferenc high school, specializing in Latin, Gyula


primary school in Gyula



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